FERO BREAK-AWAY™ Fire-Release Connector – INVERTED

The FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connector allows for displacement, complete disengagement and collapse of the structural component from the wall during a fire before any significant damage could happen in the firewall itself. Unlike other products, the FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connector utilizes a simple design that relies on only one part of the connector failing during the fire. This allows for disengagement of the structural component to occur only when required to prevent damage to the firewall, and not earlier.

FERO’S BREAK-AWAY™ FIRE-RELEASE CONNECTOR system can be configured to your design specifications and can be manufactured as a Single, or Double , as Roof or Floor Angle connectors or in an Extended format see the Technical Specifications for sizing and spacing options.

An easy-to-use Ordering Form in both Metric (CAN) and Imperial (US) measurements assists with designing and specifying the exact connector suited to your application.