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FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors

FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release connectors

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How FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors function and benefit your project

 FERO Break-Away Fire-Release Connectors allow roof and floor collapse without compromising the firewall’s integrity. The 2018 IBC, section 706.2, requires that fire walls have sufficient stability under fire conditions to withstand collapse of construction on either side without collapse of the wall Used in over 500 projects in North America, FERO’s Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors are an efficient, economical and acceptable engineering design approach to satisfy these code requirements. 


  • Provides sufficient stability under fire conditions to withstand collapse of construction on either side without collapse of the firewall
  • Maintains the structural capacity of the connection under normal service conditions
  • Minimizes the damage caused by fire
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FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors

For Concrete Block
For Insulated Concrete Forms
For Metal Stud
For Poured Concrete
For Wood Studs
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Structural Stability Under Normal Conditions

Under normal conditions, FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors provide 5 kN of lateral resistance per slot. This is achieved through the interaction between the grooves and the fusible washer.

Unlike other available fire-release systems, the FERO system’s support angle functions as a structural member under normal service conditions. Accordingly, the load bearing capacity of the FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors is not limited by the load-bearing capacity of the fusible washer.

Release of Firewall During Fire

During a fire, the fusible washer will melt and soften, which allows movement to relieve the lateral stresses caused by potential deformation of the framing members. Under extreme deformations, the slots in the plate allow the framing members to completely disengage from the firewall.

This allows the firewall to remain standing for the duration of the fire-rated time, to prevent the spread of the fire and satisfy building code requirements.

Reduce Cost

To meet applicable building codes, firewalls need to remain structurally stable in a fire for a fire-rated amount of time. To meet this requirement, many builders simply build a double firewall—but this can be costly. FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors allow a single firewall to remain structurally stable during a fire by releasing the structural elements without damaging the firewall. Building a single firewall instead of a double firewall helps save on construction costs.
FERO’s experienced technical staff is available to assist in designing a FERO Break-Away™ Fire-Release Connectors solution to minimize project materials costs.
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FAST™ thermal bracket configuration


Single Connector

Provides lateral support only. Use if connector will not be load bearing.

Dual Connector

Provides lateral support and is load bearing. Use where connector will support vertical load.

Angle Connector

Structural angle spanning down the firewall to be used for designs incorporating a structural angle to support loads.

Inverted Connectors

Single, Dual and Angle connectors can be ordered in inverted orientation if needed to suit project needs.

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