FERO FAST™ thermal brackets
FERO FAST™ thermal brackets benefits
FERO FAST™ thermal brackets benefits

About the Product

Offset Shelf Angle Support
for All Cavity Widths

FAST THERMAL BRACKET™ offset shelf angle support is our proprietary structural, thermally-broken shelf angle support system, allowing for continuous insulation behind the shelf angle. This system offsets the shelf angle from the structural backing and positions the shelf angle to remain fully outboard of the insulation. Our FAST Thermal Brackets have a proprietary hole pattern in the flanges to reduce overall thermal transmittance through the bracket without compromising load capacity. FAST Thermal Bracket can be manufactured in any size to accommodate all cavity widths.

The FAST Thermal Bracket System is often used with a 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″ (100 x 100 x 6 mm) angle which is readily available from local suppliers, and much less expensive than using larger and non-standard angles. FAST Thermal Brackets eliminates the need for large angles that are prohibitively expensive, difficult to install and create a substantial thermal bridge.

Used in over 1,700 buildings in North America, FAST Thermal Brackets have been thoroughly tested and proven in the field. FAST Thermal Brackets can used to support dead load from Masonry Veneer, Thin Granite Veneer, Pre-Case Concrete and Large Stone Panels.

FAST Thermal Bracket™ Offset Shelf Angle Supports

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Energy Efficiency

Thermal bridging caused by conventionally installed steel shelf angles profoundly affects the energy efficiency of your wall system, limiting the effectiveness of insulation by over 50%. Standing off the shelf angle allows for continuous insulation behind the shelf angle, reducing the effectiveness of insulation by less than 14%.

Easy Installation

FAST™ Thermal Brackets are readily available in any size height or depth to accommodate any shelf angle, anchoring system, and backup wall type. Installation is quick and simple—anchor the FAST™ Thermal Bracket into the backup wall and insert the angle in. In most cases, only one trade is needed onsite for the complete installation.

Onsite Adjustability

FAST™ Thermal Brackets offer significantly greater onsite adjustability than conventional angles. Slots on the bracket offer 1- ¾″ of vertical adjustability, and the FAST™ Thermal Bracket can be rotated to ensure the shelf angle is level. Horizontal adjustment is provided by FERO Shim Plates placed behind the bracket.

Reduce Cost

The depth of the FAST™ Thermal Bracket can be increased to accommodate any wall cavity size while continuing to use a standard 4×4×1/4” shelf angle. This eliminates the need to use larger, much more expensive shelf angles in walls with thicker insulation and larger cavity sizes.

The adjustability and ease of installation by a single trade also reduce cost by speeding up installation time and reducing labor costs.

FERO’s experienced technical staff is available to assist in designing a FAST™ Bracket solution to minimize project materials costs.
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FAST™ thermal bracket configuration


FAST™ Thermal Brackets

Offset your shelf angle from the backup wall.

FAST™ Thermal Bracket Inverted

Maintain aesthetics at openings such as windows and doors.

FAST™ Thermal Bracket Lintel System

Keep the veneer flush to the top of foundation.

FAST™ Thermal Bracket - Extended

Extend the bracket to support veneer below the concrete slab level.

Additional Configurations

Additional Configurations

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