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For decades, FERO has been the industry leader in the engineering and manufacture of innovative products designed to improve the structural and thermal performance of wall assembly systems.

FERO was founded in 1985 by a group of structural engineers on the principle of providing innovative, cost-effective and efficiently engineered connection solutions with high performance. 
Our products are engineered to deliver structural performance while minimizing costs, improving thermal performance and simplifying installation on-site.

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FERO thermal ties and connectors

FERO Thermal Tie™ Masonry Connectors

Connection solutions for all wall cavity widths and types.
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FERO FAST™ thermal brackets - shelf angle supports

FERO FAST Thermal Bracket™ Offset Shelf Angle Supports

Easily design with a thermal break shelf angle on any structure type, saving installation time and material cost and ensuring thermal performance.
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FERO Break Away™ Fire release connectors

FERO Break Away™ Fire-Release connectors

Connectors that allow for partial building collapse without compromising the integrity of the firewall.
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Panel, siding & insulation supports

Cladding, Panel and Siding Supports

Support systems for a wide range of structural back-up walls.
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The Korax Rainscreen Panel™

The KORAX® Rainscreen Panel

The most effective way to manage moisture in exterior wall assemblies.
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