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Dr. Mike Hatzinikolas
Dr. Michael Hatzinikolas

Dr. Mike Hatzinikolas


Dr. Mike founded FERO over 35 years ago and is directly involved in the development, engineering, and design of all FERO products.  Dr. Hatzinikolas has his M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in structural engineering with a masonry specialty, is a Fellow of Civil Engineers, served as an adjunct professor of civil engineering at the University of Alberta, sits on the various committees with respect to masonry construction for the Canadian Standards Association and has authored four textbooks and over 120 research papers and technical manuals in respect of masonry design and engineering. 

For 25 years, Dr. Mike served as Executive Director of the Canadian Masonry Research Institute providing advice and expertise to engineers, architects, building officials, government agencies, building envelope consultants and contractors throughout the construction industry. 

Dr. Mike is a co-author of four textbooks in masonry design and has published over 120 research papers and technical manuals. Dr. Mike prepared and published “State of the Art Masonry Details” containing a catalogue of high-performance details for exterior wall assemblies, from cavity and veneer walls to stucco and siding. He developed a computer program for designing load -bearing masonry walls, masonry beams, slender walls and shear walls with openings, and a program that analyzes shear connected cavity and veneer walls.

“I enjoy bringing my advances in research to market to provide engineers, architects and contractors with innovative, cost-effective and thermally efficient products. This wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of our team of experienced designers, engineers and technologists.”
- Dr. Michael Hatzinikolas

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