FERO Thermal Holed Side Mounted Rap-Tie™

FERO THERMAL SIDE MOUNTED RAP (Rod Adjustable Plate) TIE affixes masonry veneer walls directly to a structural backing stud without any intervening materials (like sheathing). This tie is designed to transfer tensile and lateral loads to the stud backing. The flat plate is fastened to the side surface of the structural backing, which may be steel, wood, or miscellaneous metal. Holes sit along the far end of the Plate, and the FERO V-Tie is inserted into the corresponding hole, providing a constant connection of the veneer wall to the structural backing without any risk of veneer disengagement.The vertical functionality of FERO THERMAL SIDE MOUNTED RAP-TIE enables it to resist movement, vertical shear forces and axial forces, and its ability to unify the entire wall assembly to work as one singular component reduces the need to reinforcement, additional wall thickness or materials.

Benefits of FERO Thermal Side Mounted Rap-Tie™
  • Accommodates any wall, cavity or insulation width
  • Significantly reduces thermal bridging
  • Easy, one-trade installation
  • Reduces the likelihood of corrosion near the fastener/structural member intersection
  • Reduces deformation caused by load minimizes moisture load
  • Restrains components to eliminate disengagement
  • Reduces movement and free play