FERO Thermal Tie™ – Block Shear® Masonry Connector

FERO Thermal Tie™ – Block Shear® Masonry Connector allows any size cavity wall to behave uniformly, resisting vertical shear by “connecting” the exterior masonry veneer to the concrete block backing. The entire wall functions like a truss, with both wythes performing uniformly as tension and compression components of the truss. This enables structures to withstand more load with thinner walls, less reinforcement material, and less material costs. Designed for Composite Structural Action – a Shear Truss.
ALL FERO PRODUCTS include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.
Benefits of FERO Thermal Tie™ – Block Shear® Masonry Connector
  • Accommodates any wall, cavity or insulation widths, including large cavity sizes up to 18”
  • Significantly reduces thermal bridging
  • Increases the stiffness and resistance of the wall system
  • Minimizes cracking in the cladding (exterior) wythe
  • Reduces masonry labour and material construction costs – complete wall system can be installed by one trade
  • Eliminates the need for Tie Fasteners
  • Eases the inspection of spacing and tie placement