FERO Thermal Tie™ – Stud Shear® Connector

FERO Thermal Tie™ – Stud Shear® Connector is one of our landmark design creations. The simplicity of the design along with the efficiency of eliminating pressure on cavity wall systems is unique in the industry. This tie is designed to transfer composite loads when using light frame structural walls and enables veneer to do the work of the backing studs, reducing load, width and cost. The orientation of the connectors to the studs provide an unmatched rigidity as it eliminates axial and vertical shear through the tie mechanism. The entire assembly becomes the resistant variable in the construction, rather than all of the resistance being forced upon the studs alone.

FERO Thermal Tie™ – Stud Shear® Connectors allow cavity walls to behave uniformly, resisting vertical shear by “connecting” the exterior masonry veneer to the concrete block backing. The entire wall functions like a truss, with both wythes performing uniformly as tension and compression components of the truss. This enables structures to withstand more load with thinner walls, less reinforcement material, and less material overall. For interiors, these connectors allow for more floor space by reducing foundation needs.

For exteriors, they reduce the likelihood, the frequency and amount of precipitation ingress into any wall system, and because they precede the installation of the air barrier membrane, they maintain an air-tight assembly.

ALL FERO PRODUCTS include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.