FERO Thermal Tie™ – Slotted Rap-Tie® Masonry Connector

FERO Thermal Tie™ – Slotted Rap-Tie® (Rod Adjustable Plate) Masonry Connector affixes masonry veneer walls to a structural backing stud either directly, or by surface mounting to any sheathing sitting over the stud. The structural backing can be steel, wood or miscellaneous metal. This tie is designed to transfer tensile and compressive lateral loads to the stud backing. The FERO V-Tie™ is inserted into the slot and allows 2 inches of vertical play to align with the grout bed. After set-up, the V-Tie™ provides a constant connection of the veneer wall to the structural backing without any risk of veneer disengagement.

This tie transfers loads that are perpendicular to a wall but is not designed to create unified wall assembly resistance.

ALL FERO PRODUCTS include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.