KORAX® Rainscreen Panel


KORAX RAINSCREEN PANEL® is the most effective method of managing moisture in exterior wall assemblies because of the incorporation of a rain screen.  The rainscreen prevents water from entering the wall assembly from the exterior or reaching the cavity from the interior.  Water is diverted out through weep holes or dried out by the circulating air through venting.

KORAX® RAINSCREEN PANEL is made of expanded polystyrene board with vertical and horizontal grooves in the back that create a cavity. The panel is easily attached by mechanical fasteners over the system’s insulation layer.  The vertical channels in the panel create cavities 10mm deep and 60mm wide that lead water to flashing and weep holes at the bottom and vent holes at the top of the wall section also allowing air circulation.  The vertical ribs are interrupted by horizontal channels, creating nodes which slope back towards the panel, providing positive drainage away from the wall.

KORAX® RAINSCREEN PANEL is suitable for:

  • Walls with EIFS
  • Wood or steel stud walls with stucco finish
  • Rubble masonry finish
  • Wood or steel stud walls with metal or vinyl siding
  • Basement walls