ONE Flushing – Queens, NY

Image via SLCE Architects

ONE Flushing

Queens, New York
SLCE Architects
Asian Americans for Equality
FERO Products Used
FAST Thermal Bracket™ Offset Shelf Angle Support

With 10 stories and 232 units, ONE Flushing is the largest Housing Development in downtown Flushing, Queens

ONE Flushing is the first project to incorporate New York’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program (MIH) and is the largest housing development in downtown Flushing, Queens. This is a mixed-use development that includes residences, retail space and public space.

FAST Thermal BracketOffset Shelf Angle Supports ("FAST Thermal Brackets") were used at every floor level to accommodate the mixed use of exterior finishes and material. Using FAST Thermal Brackets in the building envelope design ensured continuous insulation and optimized thermal performance. FAST Thermal Brackets enabled the design team to:

  1. Incorporate a thermal break instead of a thermal bridge in the smart, energy-efficient shelf angle design;
  2. Meet or exceed energy code requirements;
  3. Achieve energy and cost efficiencies; and
  4. Provide easy installation for the contractors.
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