Façade Update at 378 WEA in NYC

Image via New York Yimby

Check out the exquisite brick façade at 378 WEA in NYC!

FERO FAST Thermal Brackets™ were used to provide a high-performing, thermally-broken shelf angle system and to support the unique design aesthetic of the façade.

Over the windows, our FAST Thermal Bracket Concealed Lintel System was incorporated so brick could cover the underside of the angle. For all the various piers around the building, some with depths exceeding 18”, custom FAST Thermal Brackets were created to match the brick façade, despite the slab being flat and not matching the brick profile. FAST Thermal Brackets not only supported this unique design but were much more affordable than a conventional bent plate. All this could not have been completed without the great partnership with StructureTech New York Inc.
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Developer: Alchemy Properties Inc.
Architect: COOKFOX Architects
Structural Engineer: DeSimone Consulting Engineers

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