211 Schermerhorn – Brooklyn, NY

211 Schermerhorn Street in Boerum Hill

Brooklyn, New York
Morris Adjmi Architects
DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Long Island Concrete
FERO Products Used
FAST Thermal Bracket™ & Thermal Heavy-Duty Rap-Tie™
A 14-story, 48-Unit Condominium with Danish Brick Façade

The design utilizes an organized and clean grid pattern of large partitions and columns.  Morris Adjmi Architects wanted to evoke the traditional architecture of New York with a contemporary blend of detailed touches, such as the craftsmanship of the Lagos Azul limestone lobby, and the arched windows on the second and fourteenth floor.

FERO worked with DeSimone Consulting Engineers to provide stamped drawings detailing of the FAST Thermal Bracket offset shelf angle system, the bracket and angle design (spacing and capacity check), and anchor design.  Different sizes and types of the FAST Thermal Bracket offset shelf angle were used on this project to accommodate the brick design of the building. The clean brick design was achieved using the FAST Thermal Bracket offset shelf angle Lintel system. Various extended lengths were used on this project to support the masonry veneer below the floor slabs. Wall detail examples above.

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Greenpoint Landing is a 22-acre master-planned development site located on the Brooklyn waterfront with a view of the Manhattan skyline, bringing a mix of ten residential towers and low-rise buildings, a new public school, and four acres of parkland. The buildings are located on reclaimed industrial use lands, and the brick veneer utilized in the building design provides continuity with the historical neighborhood.